About Our Brand

Honky Tonk is a family owned and operated Australian business, established in New South Wales in late 2023. The Owner Jamie, founded Honky Tonk to giveback to Australia's rural communities whilst providing quality clothing to you and your close ones.

Jamie has always had a passion for rural Australia. Whilst going for his dreams of owning a country clothing company, he wanted to make a difference and support those country friends that are struggling, so when starting Honky Tonk, he devoted the business to giving back and making a difference.

Offering a growing range of products, we donate 10% of the sale price from every item to charities that we partner with (changing every few months to spread our love) to support rural Australia. Not many businesses offer this amount as a donation from every order, but for us, our community comes first, donations take priority and giving back is what we pride ourselves in doing. Community over rides business, and will do so forever.

So, with this, every order makes a difference! Not only do we get excited when you place an order, but farmers do, all those amazing people in need in our country communities do. Every order is extremely important for us, and we hope you see the value with this too.

So, we are very excited to give back to outback Australia and support farmers who do so much for us every day! We hope you too will support them and us in this journey.